Cuidad QuesadaReal Estate – The Modern Jewel of Rojales

To get to Cuidad Quesada you can fly into one of the two airports in the region. Murcia Airport is only half an hour’s drive, and Alicante Airport will take you just slightly longer at 35 minutes. You can come in by car because Cuidad Quesada is just off the AP-7 motorway which will take you from both airports. The weather in Cuidad Quesada is excellent all year round. Hot summers lead into very mild, almost rain free winters. This weather is typical of the Costa Blanca region in general. For more about Ciudad Quesada and surrounding areas, check out

Although Cuidad Quesada is surrounded by some old Spanish towns, it has an unusual story attached to it. In fact the town of Cuidad Quesada didn’t even exist before 1972. A local Spanish entrepreneur decided that he wanted to fulfill a lifetime dream. He wanted to build something that would be for locals and tourists alike. He did not dream of opening a supermarket or a bar, a hotel or a guesthouse, he wanted to build an entire town. And 30 years later, Justo Samper Quesada saw his dream become a reality when the

Older Homes Need Special Plumbing Love

As a home owner, you may have at some time noticed some backup in your basement or slow drainage throughout your house. You have probably thought about calling a plumber more than a dozen times to have drain cleaning in Bergen County done. In the end, you probably bought some industrial strength chemical product and pushed off your problem by a few months. These stop gap solutions are better than nothing, but they are just going to nip at your problem around the edges.

In older homes, your sewer drain pipes can have sludge and debris throughout the length of the span. This means from mold to algae to roots this stuff is not going away without actually scrubbing out your drain pipes. A good drain cleaning service should be a two step process. First the vendor should clean the drain completely, then the contractor should show you the drain is 100% clean using a camera. A professional drain cleaning service should verify that the job you have requested is completed.

There are two primary ways that a good sewer cleaning company could use to clean out your drain pipes. Those two methods are hydro jetting and snaking. Continue

Frothy yes but dont call it a housing bubble

22222Home prices are overheating again. In fact, twice as many metropolitan markets were considered “overvalued” in the second quarter of this year as compared to the first three months, according to a new report from CoreLogic. That is, prices are inflated relative to incomes. This is not, however, a “housing bubble,” because by definition, an economic bubble eventually bursts, and home prices are very unlikely to fall.

“Just because you’re overvalued doesn’t mean that you’re in a bubble or there is an impending crash. Some markets are overvalued because of strong fundamentals,” said Sam Khater, CoreLogic’s deputy chief economist.

Home prices in 14 of the top 100 U.S. markets are now above the long-term fundamental value for that market. Six of these markets are in Texas, where strong job and income growth has fueled housing demand over the last decade. Even with oil prices falling, housing demand is still robust and supply is near record lows. Home construction is at levels last seen in the 1980s in Houston, but the population is now double that. Home prices will likely moderate, but the Texas economy

Do homebuyers really care about rising rates

103005302-GettyImages-200216500-003.530x298Do homebuyers care about rising rates?

The short answer is: sort of. Potential homebuyers certainly care if the monthly payment goes up for the same house they were considering a month earlier. That concern, however, comes in third place after the ability to get a mortgage and the ability to find a home they like, according to a survey conducted this week by Harris Poll on behalf of Trulia.

Read More6% mortgages? What happens to housing

Forty-two percent said they expect mortgage rates to increase over the next six months, while 20 percent think rates will stay the same. Of their biggest worry, 26 percent named ability to qualify for a home loan compared with 24 percent who pointed to rising rates. Millennials, ages 18-34, are even more concerned about their access to credit than about their rate. Thirty-six percent of millennials polled said access was their primary concern versus 26 percent indicating rising rates.

If the Fed raises rates a quarter point, that does not directly correlate to a quarter-point increase in mortgage rates. The average rate on the 30-year fixed loosely follows the

Pending home sales fell 1.4% in August

102460203-GettyImages_169252313.530x298Rising home prices and a tight supply of homes for sale are keeping buyers at bay.

A monthly index measuring signed contracts to buy existing homes, so-called pending home sales, fell 1.4 percent in August compared to July, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Expectations had been for a slight increase.

While sales are still 6.1 percent higher than one year ago, the annual gains are shrinking.

“Pending sales have leveled off since mid-summer, with buyers being bounded by rising prices and few available and affordable properties within their budget,” said Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the NAR. “Even with existing-housing supply barely budging all summer and no relief coming from new construction, contract activity is still higher than earlier this year and a year ago.”

Home prices in July were 5.3 percent higher than July of 2014 and are now just 5.5 percent below their peak from June of 2006, according to a new report from Black Knight Financial Services. After rising through most of the spring, mortgage rates came down slightly in August, but

Alan Naul Brings Canopy Hotels to Uptown Dallas

Shortly after the success of its healthcare real estate project, the Villages of St. Peters Memory Care located in Missouri which was inaugurated in October 2015, Alan Naul Javelin Group announced the plans to develop Canopy Dallas Uptown. The project is a joint venture between the Javelin Group and Hilton Worldwide’s lifestyle hotel brand Canopy by Hilton.

Canopy Dallas Uptown is one amongst the eight-pipelined projects of the Canopy brand hotels. The other seven are Canopy West Palm Beach, Canopy Washington, D.C. Southwest Waterfront, Canopy Chicago The Loop, Canopy Denver Downtown, Canopy New Orleans, Canopy Baltimore Harbor Point, and Canopy Minneapolis Mill District.

Location and architecture:

Tactically situated at the crossing of Cityplace West and Oak Grove in Uptown Dallas, the 150-room luxury hotel will be the centerpiece of Cityplace’s already thriving hospitality scene. The venture is being bankrolled by Texas Capital Bank and is set to be opened to the public in fall 2017. The hotel plans to feature an elaborate rooftop bar and restaurant that will feature the most authentic healthy local dishes, and sporadic beer tasting events and evening wine galas to attract and engage an aristocratic crowd. The ambiance will be decorated by compositions created by local artisans

Top 5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Residential Property

11Buying a property in recent times can be a real problem most especially when you are doing it for the first time. This is based on the fact that you could lose money in the end if you’re not careful. Are you considering buying a property? Then you will have to learn the tricks behind doing it the right way before it puts a hole in your pocket. It doesn’t really matter whether you have some estate agents wanting to help you out in the process. They are after making some money so you have to discover these secrets before it is too late.

Check out the structure

If you can learn only this secret to perfection, then you will learn to take what those estate agents will tell you with a pinch of salt. You have to check the structure of the residential property that you are about to buy. There is no use paying above the odds for something that you could have gotten on a cheap. Is there? You have to be vigilant in this case

Eco-friendly and Luxury Apartments in NYC: No Contradiction


If you are looking for Eco-Friendly Luxury Apartments in NYC, you can have these examples.

  1. The Toren. This apartment is located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. It has 240 condominium units in all sizes.
  2. The Verdesian. It is located on the northern edge of Battery Park
  3. The Visionaire. It is the first and so far itis the only LEED Platnum Certified residential property.
  4. Observatory Place. All of it is combined with such environmentally friendly features.
  5. The Kalaharii which is located just a few blocks from Central Park.
  6. The Edge which featured not only to an unparalleled package of luxury amenities, but it also committing to provide the environmentally responsible living.
  7. Via 57 West. As the one of green apartment living, this apartment offers you many room choices with different price range.

Via 57 West Rooms Example

Starting at $4, 000, you can get a bed with one bathroom. It is included e laundry in unit, dishwasher, microwave, hardwood floors, great closet space, dressing rooms, large closets, oak floors, cove lighting, thermal controls, solar shades, energy star appliances, custom cabinetry, caesar stone counters, designer fixtures, large living room, floor-to-ceiling window, and

Why Increasing Number of Customers Are Inclined To Boutique Realty Firms

Even today, many people are not fully aware about the roles played by boutique realty firms that are growing in numbers day by day. Basically, these firms are small real estate offices and are operating with less number of manpower. The groups are led by extremely seasoned professionals from real estate industries and they typically equip their firms with veteran, proficient and customer friendly property management experts as their brokers or agents.

The specialty of boutiques is its exclusiveness of services that make them distinctive and rather different form traditional real estate companies. In boutique firms people are chiefly focused on quality deals and maximizing customer satisfaction rather than the numbers of deals made. If you are one of those planning to invest in exclusive standard property in New York or Miami, then for you, the best place is Pacer Partners. The ‘new-born’ boutique real estate firm is growing at its faster pace and due to its immense background the company has already become popular in real estate industry. The company is a creation of the NY’s top famed realty persona Jon Bourbeau.

In fact, when it comes to the American property management industry, the name of Jon Bourbeau is

Smart Tips For Uncovering Houses

Helpful Advice For Buying The Right Apartment If you want to invest in new apartment developments, you need to see the many challenges ahead and have a clear purchasing strategy in place. Many apartment buyers will make the mistake of purchasing the first apartment block they find but its always wise to do intensive research on different properties on offer. There is need to evaluate apartment developments sale process given that your petty knowledge will never lead you to a sound investment. You need to get expert help and it’s advisable that you listen to seasoned investors since learning from these experts will help you make a sound choice. If you are investing in a new apartment, avoid being rigid with your choices such that you get the right mix of features. You will benefit when you invest in new apartment developments since you will have tasteful designs and the cost of maintenance will be affordable. If you want all the benefits, its wise that you choose the right property agent who is well versed with apartment developments. Buying new apartments requires you to be approved for a mortgagee making it crucial to check what