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To get to Cuidad Quesada you can fly into one of the two airports in the region. Murcia Airport is only half an hour’s drive, and Alicante Airport will take you just slightly longer at 35 minutes. You can come in by car because Cuidad Quesada is just off the AP-7 motorway which will take you from both airports. The weather in Cuidad Quesada is excellent all year round. Hot summers lead into very mild, almost rain free winters. This weather is typical of the Costa Blanca region in general. For more about Ciudad Quesada and surrounding areas, check out

Although Cuidad Quesada is surrounded by some old Spanish towns, it has an unusual story attached to it. In fact the town of Cuidad Quesada didn’t even exist before 1972. A local Spanish entrepreneur decided that he wanted to fulfill a lifetime dream. He wanted to build something that would be for locals and tourists alike. He did not dream of opening a supermarket or a bar, a hotel or a guesthouse, he wanted to build an entire town. And 30 years later, Justo Samper Quesada saw his dream become a reality when the

Older Homes Need Special Plumbing Love

As a home owner, you may have at some time noticed some backup in your basement or slow drainage throughout your house. You have probably thought about calling a plumber more than a dozen times to have drain cleaning in Bergen County done. In the end, you probably bought some industrial strength chemical product and pushed off your problem by a few months. These stop gap solutions are better than nothing, but they are just going to nip at your problem around the edges.

In older homes, your sewer drain pipes can have sludge and debris throughout the length of the span. This means from mold to algae to roots this stuff is not going away without actually scrubbing out your drain pipes. A good drain cleaning service should be a two step process. First the vendor should clean the drain completely, then the contractor should show you the drain is 100% clean using a camera. A professional drain cleaning service should verify that the job you have requested is completed.

There are two primary ways that a good sewer cleaning company could use to clean out your drain pipes. Those two methods are hydro jetting and snaking. Continue

Frothy yes but dont call it a housing bubble

22222Home prices are overheating again. In fact, twice as many metropolitan markets were considered “overvalued” in the second quarter of this year as compared to the first three months, according to a new report from CoreLogic. That is, prices are inflated relative to incomes. This is not, however, a “housing bubble,” because by definition, an economic bubble eventually bursts, and home prices are very unlikely to fall.

“Just because you’re overvalued doesn’t mean that you’re in a bubble or there is an impending crash. Some markets are overvalued because of strong fundamentals,” said Sam Khater, CoreLogic’s deputy chief economist.

Home prices in 14 of the top 100 U.S. markets are now above the long-term fundamental value for that market. Six of these markets are in Texas, where strong job and income growth has fueled housing demand over the last decade. Even with oil prices falling, housing demand is still robust and supply is near record lows. Home construction is at levels last seen in the 1980s in Houston, but the population is now double that. Home prices will likely moderate, but the Texas economy

Do homebuyers really care about rising rates

103005302-GettyImages-200216500-003.530x298Do homebuyers care about rising rates?

The short answer is: sort of. Potential homebuyers certainly care if the monthly payment goes up for the same house they were considering a month earlier. That concern, however, comes in third place after the ability to get a mortgage and the ability to find a home they like, according to a survey conducted this week by Harris Poll on behalf of Trulia.

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Forty-two percent said they expect mortgage rates to increase over the next six months, while 20 percent think rates will stay the same. Of their biggest worry, 26 percent named ability to qualify for a home loan compared with 24 percent who pointed to rising rates. Millennials, ages 18-34, are even more concerned about their access to credit than about their rate. Thirty-six percent of millennials polled said access was their primary concern versus 26 percent indicating rising rates.

If the Fed raises rates a quarter point, that does not directly correlate to a quarter-point increase in mortgage rates. The average rate on the 30-year fixed loosely follows the

Pending home sales fell 1.4% in August

102460203-GettyImages_169252313.530x298Rising home prices and a tight supply of homes for sale are keeping buyers at bay.

A monthly index measuring signed contracts to buy existing homes, so-called pending home sales, fell 1.4 percent in August compared to July, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Expectations had been for a slight increase.

While sales are still 6.1 percent higher than one year ago, the annual gains are shrinking.

“Pending sales have leveled off since mid-summer, with buyers being bounded by rising prices and few available and affordable properties within their budget,” said Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the NAR. “Even with existing-housing supply barely budging all summer and no relief coming from new construction, contract activity is still higher than earlier this year and a year ago.”

Home prices in July were 5.3 percent higher than July of 2014 and are now just 5.5 percent below their peak from June of 2006, according to a new report from Black Knight Financial Services. After rising through most of the spring, mortgage rates came down slightly in August, but

If You Read One Article About Homes, Read This One

Staging Your Home For Better Value Getting more popular in the real estate market is the staging of the homes of sellers. Some may have reservations in staging their homes because of the costs involved, but they will soon find out the benefits of presenting their homes at its best. But there are several points on why it would come out cheaper to stage your house than selling it without any repairs or upgrade. To make your house appealing to potential customers, you design your house to their whims. This is basically for the reason that the more buyers are attracted to your home, the more possibly of you having the sale. If you have attracted many buyers, you have the advantage as a seller in pricing out your home.
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Do not expect second chances in the real estate world. You have either impressed your potential customer or not. That is why you have to make the lasting impression for the first time. During home inspections, it is the condition of the house that speaks for itself. Pictures are critical because buyers look at the pictures first before visiting

What Research About Properties Can Teach You

The Benefits of Selling a Home Quickly A person who owns his or her own home might be in a very enviable position, as home ownership is thought of as a very beneficial and wonderful investment. Life, however, cannot be predicted, and even one who owns a home might find oneself in a situation in which the best option that he or she can take is to sell the home quickly. Many situations can call for this decision: the loss of your job, sudden sickness in the family, a transfer at work, and so on. There are certainly so many different reasons why one would need to sell a house as quickly as possible, and when these reasons come, it is good to know that there is a way to sell accomplish it with wonderful benefits: selling to a company that buys houses for cash. If you are in a hurry to sell your home and move on with your life, it is good to know that selling it to a company that buys houses for cash will enable you to move quickly and save so much valuable time. You definitely don’t have the time

When is Actually the Best Time to Sell Your House?

sell house

It’s coming up on the summer time! Hot days and short nights, the usual time people think about moving. But is selling your house in London in the summer time really the best time for it? When is the best time to sell your home and move? Well, the most general explanation is you should sell “when there are the most amount of buyers actively looking to buy”. Now most people will automatically say “duh, but when is that?” Keep reading to find out the best time for you to sell your London home.

Spring Time

Spring is a good time for selling a home or flat. Families and buyers are more willing to go look at homes and are in a better mood because of the weather.

  • Flowers and gardens are blooming which increases the visual appeal.
  • The lighting is great and the weather is mild.
  • Homes look their absolute best.
  • There are many people on the market looking to buy.

Summer Time

Summer is not the best time to sell a

Interesting Research on Courses – Things You Probably Never Knew

All There is to Know About Home Staging When home staging is considered, it is important to know that it does not simply involve a few repairs here and there and a cleaning job which is thorough and complete. Home staging is about creating illusions, decorating a place so that it has a particular air and atmosphere, and making it look brighter, cleaner, bigger and more magical and wonderful altogether. When one wishes to sell his or her home, one can have a home staged, as it will become more attractive to those who come for inspections, those who might be the next owners of the home. Whether you are a homeowner who wants to sell your house, a person who wishes to buy a new home, or a home stager, you will definitely love the topic of home staging and all that it brings. If you are thinking of becoming a home stager, you will be happy to know that this career will teach you how to use the talent of creativity and imagination which is lying within you, as home staging requires people to create beautiful images with their artistic minds. When you

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Guide to Selling Your House Quickly If you have decided to place your house on the market, you presumably want to sell it as quickly as possible and for the price you want. Get down pat the proper plan and preparation, and you are on your way to selling your house fast. Make your stated price right from the start. Some sellers oftentimes assume that they should start with a steep price with the option to reduce it later when the house fails to gather interest. A house with a high price tag will result in numerous agents and buyers staying away from it resulting in a slower sale. Find out the true valuation of your home, then slash fifteen to twenty percent off the price. You will be overwhelmed by multiple buyers’ bids which will raise the price of your house. Make a good first impression to potential buyers by enhancing your curb appeal. No matter how exquisite the interior of your home looks, prospective customers have already judged your home based on what they see on the outside. Prospective buyers form an opinion the moment they see the front of your house so